We believe in a new connected healthcare world where health patients could easily get access to the information they need to find the right treatment for them. In order to do so patients need a verified information and be able to find and compare the treatment they need through various clinics and physician experts. They also need to be able to afford such treatment with the same quality of care with shorter waiting times. We have noticed that the number of patients that cannot afford the treatment they need, or want, is growing everyday...why then not helping them to compare and find the right treatment for them according to their budget? We also know for instance that nearly everyone one day has thought of doing some cosmetic surgery but there is a huge gap between making up our own mind and go ahead! That is the main believe of our vision, be able to quickly make up your mind and do it : by using www.123.clinic you are able to be active and make an informed choice.


Linda Solovic – Anxiety Blog